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Weekends Information

MAD Walkers' weekends are very popular. They are a great way of really getting to know people, having a laugh and making the most of your weekend by exploring the great British countryside with your new friends. Their popularity means that we have to limit entry to members of the MAD Walkers (Group MR50). For safety and insurance reasons, all attendees have to book officially through the weekend leader. If you're not a MAD Walkers' member - join or transfer today!


Accommodation ranges from bothies, barns, YHA hostels, independent hostels and tents and anywhere else that will take us! We typically book for about 20-40 people and travel out on the Friday night sharing transport with two or three other people, wherever possible. It's a poor state of affairs if we don't make it to the pub for last orders! Meals are usually self-catering, but for more remote places where there are no shops or pubs serving food, meals are sometimes provided. It is all down to the decision of the weekend organiser.

If you have stayed at a hostel, bunkhouse or campsite that has really impressed you please let the weekend coordinator know by emailing so that we can consider them when organising future trips.


The difficulty of the walking really depends on several things, mainly the terrain. We do aim to offer a variety of walks on the weekend, which depends on the surrounding terrain and potential walk leaders coming forward. The final day's walk is generally shorter so that they finish earlier to allow people to get back home in reasonable time.

Before booking, please ensure that you can cope with the walking difficulty. For example, much of the walking in the Lake District and Scotland is not suitable for people with questions about their fitness, or equally if the weekend leader has questions about their fitness. Please consult the weekend leader for reassurance.

Booking Information

Booking instructions are provided in the write-up for each weekend and are generally made via email or in person on a specific social, which will be advised on the website and bulletin board. Please bring your membership card and a cheque or cash to pay. Included in the cost of the weekend is an administration charge, which covers the weekend leader's expenses with any surplus going to group funds.

Please note that the following points apply when booking a weekend trip:

  • Booking for weekends is strictly made on a first come, first serve basis and is for members of the MAD Walkers (Group MR50) only. If you aren't a member, you'll need to join or transfer.
  • Places are only held for 14 days pending payment. If payment is not received within 14 days, names will then be removed from the attending list to the substitute list to give others the chance who can pay. This is due to hostels requiring payment up to 2 months in advance in some instances.
  • Weekend Leaders have the right to refuse any person to attend a weekend.
  • Information required on booking email should be:
    • Full Name
    • Membership number
    • Preferred Email address
    • Gender (for room allocation purposes)
    • Any dietary requirements.
  • The above information will be kept for a maximum of three months following the weekend.
  • Cancelations can only be made if a suitable person is found to fill the space, or if there are people on the substitutes list to take your place. Otherwise full weekend payment will be lost.

Hopefully, you won't be too late, so good luck!

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