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Public Transport based Walks

Many of our walks are public transport-based walks.

Frequently they will be accessed by train and sometimes trams, coaches and buses. Using public transport means that we reduce the pollution that can damage the countryside that we love, and also reduce the traffic through already very busy roads in National Parks.

MAD Walkers walks involving public transport will often have a different start and finish point, a 'linear' walk, or will start and finish at the same point, a 'circular' walk. This will be indicated in the walk description.

Many Sunday services are funded by Transport for Greater Manchester who will be quick to withdraw the subsidy if they perceive that services are under-used, therefore our use can help preserve a train service to an otherwise isolated community.

When travelling by train, you may be better off to take advantage of the Rail Ranger, Daysaver and Wayfarer tickets, especially on linear walks which start and finish on different railway lines.

For walks within Greater Manchester (System One area), try the Bus/Train Daysaver, or Tram/Bus/Train Daysaver, or the Rail Ranger. The Wayfarer is valid in areas outside of the Greater Manchester System One area for trains, trams and most buses.

For local public transport information - see the Transport for Greater Manchester Website

For train info - see

Note that since the update to Peak fares, evening discounts are no longer available.

WAYFARER - Scratch off - buy in advance or at ticket offices

It's a one day ticket that you pre-purchase and self-date on your selected day of travel. The tickets are valid all over Greater Manchester and parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire and the Peak District. Wayfarer lets you travel by bus, by train and by tram - after 09:30 weekdays and anytime Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. You can buy Wayfarer tickets from some Post Offices, staffed railway stations and TFGM Travelshops (at bus stations or Piccadilly Gardens) throughout the area. In our experience, the full range may only be available at the Travelshops.

RAIL RANGER - buy at the station booking office or, if that's closed, on the train.

Rail Ranger

Unlimited travel within Greater Manchester after 09:30 on weekdays and all day at weekends and Bank Holidays. Use it until the last train home or 02:30 the next morning, whichever is sooner. Includes FREE travel on on the City Zone of Metrolink.

Available at the station, or on the train if the station booking office is closed.

DAYSAVERS - buy from drivers or ticket offices on the day

Bus & Train

For one day's unlimited travel throughout Greater Manchester on any bus and train and the City Zone of Metrolink, the bus and train Day Saver is the answer. Available from 09:30 Monday-Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Valid until midnight.

Bus & Metrolink

The combination of unlimited daily travel on any bus and Metrolink gives you quick and easy access throughout the region. Available from 09:30 Monday-Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Valid until midnight.

Train & Metrolink

The combination of unlimited daily travel on train and Metrolink gives you easy access to all areas within Greater Manchester. Available from 09:30 Monday-Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Valid until midnight.

Bus, Train & Metrolink

1 Ticket that gives you complete access to one of the best integrated public transport systems in the country, one day's unlimited travel on any bus, train or Metrolink. Available from 09:30 Monday-Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Valid until midnight.

Walks involving Preserved and Tourist Railways

Several walks have taken place making use local local Preserved and Tourist Railways such as the East Lancashire Railway and the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.

If a walk is going to involve travelling on one of these lines, advance notice of train times and fares will be given on the walks page.

Car based Walks

Car sharing scheme: For a car-based walk, we aim to car-share to reduce both our costs and our environmental impact. We meet at Deansgate Locks in Manchester, usually between 8 and 9am (check the walk description for the actual meet time).

Free parking: If you are coming on a car-based walk and have a car, please consider bringing it to the meet point so that others who don't have their own vehicle are able to have a lift.
There is free parking at the Locks on a Sunday, so if your car isn't needed (we take as few as possible), there is no extra charge for leaving it.

Share the costs: We ask that a minimum contribution of £3 is made to the driver by passengers towards petrol costs - more for walks further away. If you are driving then suggest a contribution which will cover the cost of the journey in equal shares.

Walk start time: Note that where a start time for a walk is given, this is only an estimate based on expected travel and preparation time - only the meet time at Deansgate is fixed. The walk will start when all cars leaving Deansgate have arrived at the walk start location. If you must travel direct, please allow plenty of time to arrive at the walk start.


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