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Notice of the AGM 2017 on Saturday 11th November

From 14:15, in the main bar of the Deaf Institute, 135 Grosvenor Street, Manchester. M1 7HE.

Notice is hereby given that this year's AGM will be held at The Deaf Institue, with a buffet at 14:15 and the official business starting at 15:00.

Only members of MAD Walkers MR50 may vote in any motions; this will be determined from the membership list as at 1st November. Please bring your membership card to the meeting.


Role descriptions of each position can be found on the committee page. We are always looking for new members of the committee, so if you would like to stand for a position, please email and to nominate yourself. We encourage nominees to submit a manifesto too (100-200 words).

In accordance with the MAD Walkers Constitution, all members of the existing Committee will retire from their positions but be eligible for re-election at the AGM if they want to stand.

Motions for debate at the AGM need to be proposed and seconded and sent by email to and by 23:59 GMT on Saturday 4th November. Such motions will be discussed and considered during the AGM.

Every member has a single vote for each election. Those unable to attend the AGM can vote in advance by email. Please register for this by email to and send your vote for each post combined into a single email to by Friday 10th November 2017, including your current membership number.


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Siobhán Burke

If I am elected as Chair, I have a number of ideas that I would like to take forward. It would also be my second year on the committee, having been the Membership Secretary during 16/17. During this time, I have gained the necessary insight to the running of the committee and the roles that ensure the group continues to function smoothly. The committee has also had a number of good ideas too and I would like to see both these and mine come to fruition.

One area has been communications generally and in particular, between the committee and the group itself. I want to widen the awareness of the committee and make it as much as possible a more representative body, especially as our membership is changing and increasing all the time. It can often be a long time before members even realise that we have a committee (or perhaps that was just me!). I want to ensure that Committee minutes and reports are made available on our site in the interests of transparency. This year, the committee discussed bringing back the newsletter in some way but lack of time meant this did not happen. But the will is there, and hopefully the desire amongst members to receive it, so I intend to champion this and see it come about.

I had an idea this year to have a calendar made up of photos taken on walks from the group. We have many keen photographers and would have an excellent selection to choose from and could even have a competition. Perhaps incorporating these photos into our website would be a more realistic option. The group also has ownership of some equipment such as cooking equipment to walkie-talkies. But again, this isn’t always well known or how, as a member, you get access to them if you need it for a weekend or a walk. Therefore I would like to carry out an audit of all our equipment and make this information available on our website.

In terms of making the Committee more representative, I would like to carry out a survey of our members to gather your thoughts on a number of areas in order to improve what we already do or to simply ensure that the majority of you are pretty happy with the group. Rather than the committee assuming what the group wants, we can get a consensus before making any changes or introducing any new initiatives.

Lastly, and not least because I’ve touched on it above, our website. It works very well and does what it needs to do, but ever since joining the group, I have wanted to see it get a “makeover”. My day job involves Digital Services provision and I have some experience of redeveloping websites to improve user experience. It is this experience that I hope to be able to bring to the benefit of the website, and therefore the group. I want to continue the positive changes Mike has brought about this year and I will need to work closely with the new Webmaster as well as getting input from the group as a whole to ensure that any refresh serves our needs as members. I would hope that a refreshed website would accommodate all the suggestions I have made above.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the AGM.

Siobhán Burke


Angela Robinson

I am nominating myself as treasurer so I can help maintain the efficient running of MAD Walkers events. If elected I would bring a thorough and organised approach to managing the group’s finances whilst working with those planning weekends and socials, continuing the work of previous treasurers.

The behind the scenes organisation required to keep the group going is considerable and I am keen to do my bit to keep it running. My involvement with the group over the past 10 years, including as a walk leader and previous membership secretary, means I can bring different experiences to the role whilst helping to represent the wide range of existing and potential members we have at committee level.


Aidan McGrath

I would like to nominate myself for the post of Membership Secretary.

Since joining the club in April 2016, I have become involved in many of the clubs walks and social activities.

The club has become invaluable to me and if elected to the post of Membership Secretary I hope to help grow the club even larger.

I have become a regular walk leader to give back to the club and I see being Membership Secretary as a further step in that regard.

If elected to the post I will work closely with fellow committee members to help the club to flourish in 2018 and beyond.



Alex Laver

Please accept this as notification that I Alex Laver, wish to nominate myself for the position of Social Secretary.

I've been a member of MAD Walkers for close to 3 years and I initially joined to meet more people and get out walking. I soon realised that I enjoyed the social side to the club as much as I enjoyed the walking – perhaps even more.

I’ve put myself forward to help out with the running of the club. I decided on the social secretary as I see the social events as one of the best tools to welcome new members to the club and which gives them a sense of what the club and members are like before they come along on a walk.

I will introduce curry socials every two months, organise (and assist others to organise) social events such as band/gig nights and will work with walk leaders and club members to organise socials following our weekly walks.



Steve Rawlins

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Walks Coordinator. Whilst fulfilling this role over the last 12 months, we’ve had a very busy, healthy and successful walks calendar with very high attendance rates – certainly the highest I’ve seen during my 5 years in MAD Walkers and I’d like to continue helping this positive trend over the next 12 months.

I’d like to continue to build on the OS map library I have started to create for our walk leaders and provide further support for potential new walk leaders, including a navigation weekend that is currently being planned.

MAD Walkers are a bit unique in that unlike most Ramblers Groups we don’t have a footpaths officer so I would like to explore the possibility of what kind of volunteering we could get involved in should there be the interest from our members.

Finally, I’d like to look at ways we can further improve our membership base, which should be possible based on the number of non-members that frequently attend our walks.


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