Jumbles, Entwistle & Wayoh

Public Transport based walk with Ravi.

9.0 mi


Walk leader to meet at walk start

A circular walk which takes a tour of the reservoirs within the Bradshaw Valley, just north of Bolton.
We set off from Bromley Cross station, heading north towards Jumbles Country Park and along the western edge of reservoir, after which we start a short ascent, initially through woodland and then a hay meadow onto Turton Tower. Beyond the tower we head north west along the Witton Weavers Way for a sustained but gradual ascent, followed by a short descent leading to the second reservoir Turton & Entwistle, where we stop for lunch.
After lunch we continue beyond Entwistle, through woodland and onto the northern tip of Wayoh Reservoir, following the path, with good views, all along it's eastern banks. Leaving the reservoir it's then onto Turton Bottoms, the cobbled streets and a pleasant walk along Bradshaw Brook and back to the point where we left Jumbles Country Park. This time we walk along the eastern edge of the reservoir, through Ousel Nest Meadows and back to the station.

Meet & Travel arrangements - Public Transport

We’ll use public transport from Manchester to travel to and return from the walk start/end.
Itinerary is below - click station links for map and further information.

10:15: Meet at Manchester Victoria for the train at 10:29. You will need to purchase a ticket prior to meeting.

Suggested ticket:

A Manchester  - Hebden return costs £9.60. Alternatively, a duo ticket

10:29: Train departs for the walk start at Bromley Cross Station.

11:00: Walk starts at Bromley Cross Station.

Return from Bromley Cross Station. Aiming for the 17.08 but trains at xx08 xx18 xx42

Waypoints: Jumbles Country Park, Turton Tower, Witton Weavers Way, Turton & Entwistle Reservoir, Wayoh Reservoir, Turton Bottoms


There are no toilets at the station so please use the ones on the train  
Car parking is available at Bromley Cross station.

4-6-2016 10:15 4-6-2016 20:00:00 Europe/London Jumbles, Entwistle & Wayoh Bromley Cross Station MAD Walkers
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