A precisely measured walk*

Public Transport based walk with Stephen Smith.

18.0 mi


Walk Leader meeting at Walk Start.

This is a long walk for any time of year, let alone mid-January. So we’ll need to maintain a brisk pace throughout with only short breaks for food. We dip in and out of sharing paths with the Pennine Way, Pennine Bridleway and Calderdale Way.  The central section is quite exposed, there’s some moorland walking which is bound to be boggy (or frozen) and a stream to be forded early on, so come equipped!
We start through the woods on the southern side of the Calder Valley before crossing the river/canal/road/railway and taking the most Jumbley route up Jumble Hole Clough, across to the village of Blackshaw Head thence fields and moorland to Lower Gorple, down Hardcastle Crags then one final climb to Lumb Hole waterfall and Gib Slack before a march back to Old Town and down the hill for the last time.
The last few miles are not best done in the dark, so if lack of daylight seems to be beating us there are a few options to abbreviate the walk.

Walk Leader meeting at start

* with caveats

Meet & Travel arrangements - Public Transport

We’ll use public transport from Manchester to travel to and return from the walk start/end.
Itinerary is below - click station links for map and further information.

08:00: Meet at Manchester Victoria for the train at 08:16. You will need to purchase a ticket prior to meeting.

Suggested ticket:

A Manchester/Hebden day return will cost £9.30.

08:16: Train departs for the walk start at Hebden Bridge Station.

08:50: Walk starts at Hebden Bridge Station.

Return from Hebden Bridge Station. Aiming for 1707 return, but trains at xx19 xx42 xx07 until 20.00

Waypoints: Callis Wood, Great Rock, Blackshaw Head, Land Farm, Gorple Lower, Gibson Mill, Lumb Hole Waterfall

17-1-2015 08:00 17-1-2015 20:00:00 Europe/London A precisely measured walk* Hebden Bridge Station MAD Walkers
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