Castleton Scout

Public Transport based walk with Arthur Embleton.

24.0 mi


This is one of the ten year anniversery marathon length walks

We will set off early from Edale station and then head north west, up Kinder Scout; looping back and heading back down into Edale.  This will give a chance for those who want to, to drop out.

We will then carry on South-East to Castleton, on to Hope and then back to Edale to catch a train home after a pub stop.

Bring a head torch; we may be walking a bit in the dark at the end.

Meet & Travel arrangements - Public Transport

We’ll use public transport from Manchester to travel to and return from the walk start/end.
Itinerary is below - click station links for map and further information.

07:30: Meet at Manchester Piccadilly for the train at 07:49. You will need to purchase a ticket prior to meeting.

Suggested ticket:

Wayfarer for £11

07:49: Train departs for the walk start at Edale Station.

08:32: Walk starts at Edale Station.

Return from Edale Station. 19:47, 21:09, 22:56

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