Heaton Park to Bury

Public Transport based walk with Gavin.

7.0 mi


Having taken the tram out from Manchester, we wander through Heaton Park to its north, taking a flat route till the crossing of the Roch signals our arrival in Bury.

Meet & Travel arrangements - Public Transport

We’ll use public transport from Manchester to travel to and return from the walk start/end.
Itinerary is below - click station links for map and further information.

12:00: Meet at Manchester Victoria for the train at 12:00. You will need to purchase a ticket prior to meeting.

Suggested ticket:

Return tram ticket to Bury, or a Day Ticket might be cheaper if you're travelling from south Manchester.

12:00: Train departs for the walk start at Heaton Park tram stop.

12:30: Walk starts at Heaton Park tram stop.

Return from Bury Interchange. About every 15 minutes

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