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A Winter Wonderland II?

Public Transport based walk with Stephen Smith.

15.0 mi


2 years ago I led a walk, upon which this one is based, where it snowed throughout. By the end we were dodging sledges and 7 hours of snow had transformed the landscape. I'm hoping for a repeat, or failing that, a nice winter walk with a mere three sharp hills to stretch the legs in the limited hours of daylight on offer this time of year.

We start walking along the canal but not for long before a steep climb takes us into Callis Woods, through which we wander before dropping back down to the Canal (Lock 12) and climbing the hill on the other side to Hippins. A few ups and downs later, we're on Heptonstall Moor and heading to the top of Hardcastle Crags, down which we will wander, to Gibson Mill and Midgehole. 

At this point, if we're on schedule we will start on the final hill of the day, going up Crimsworth Dene and then up beyond Pecket Well and finally back down the hill via Old Town to Hebden. This is the point, though, where there are seeral options to finish the walk so that we are not wandering the hills in the dark. 

NB1: Walk leader meeting at walk start

NB2: There is at least one small but usually energetic stream to ford, so come prepared either for leaping long distances, gymnastics or with water resilient footwear.

NB3: This isn't a good walk for bail-outs. There is one at the 2 mile walk and it's possible to miss out on the final climb, but other than that, opting out is only for those with maps or a good sense of direction.

Meet & Travel arrangements - Public Transport

We’ll use public transport from Manchester to travel to and return from the walk start/end.
Itinerary is below - click station links for map and further information.

08:30: Meet at Manchester Victoria for the train at 08:48. You will need to purchase a ticket prior to meeting.

Suggested ticket:

A Manchester Victoria to Hebden Bridge return is £9.60

A Manchester Wayfarer (£12) and Rochdale to Hebden Bridge return (£5.60) may be better value if travelling from outside the city centre

A duo return ticket (for two) is £14.40

08:48: Train departs for the walk start at Hebden Bridge Station.

09:20: Walk starts at Hebden Bridge Station.

Return from Hebden Bridge Station. Aiming for the 16.08 but there are trains at xx08, xx17, xx42

Waypoints: Callis Woods, Hippins, Land Farm, Blake/Black Dean, Gibson Mill, Pecket Well

7-1-2017 08:30 7-1-2017 20:00:00 Europe/London A Winter Wonderland II? Hebden Bridge Station MAD Walkers
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